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Flex Plan

$72.00 each
Water Type

This monthly plan includes the use of a water dispenser, up to Four (4) 5-Gallon bottles of water delivered every 4 weeks and a free* Artesia .5L single-serve case (24 bottles/case with initial delivery).

High capacity output will meet the needs any family or office. Our water dispenser in your home or office allows you to enjoy fresh, safe, hot or cold water instantly.

Purified Water: $48/mo
Alkaline Water: $54.50/mo
Black Dispenser: $5/mo
Deposit: $6/bottle ($24 new customer total deposit for the Flex Plan)
ELD Fee: $2.50/delivery (added at checkout)
Fuel Surcharge: $3.00/delivery (added at checkout)

* Price does not include applicable taxes and fees

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