Alkaline Water

It is said that alkaline water helps metabolize nutrients and expel toxins from the body. Take a step towards a healthy lifestyle by adopting alkaline water in your routine. For pure and natural alkaline water in San Antonio, Artesia Springs is here at your service. With every glass of pH water you drink, Artesia Springs assures you of the best possible hydration and absorption of minerals.

Why is Alkaline Water Beneficial for Health?

Alkaline water has pH in the range of 7.4–10. Several studies have been conducted into benefits of alkaline water and their results highlight the following:

  • Alkaline water helps in detoxification of body
  • Alkaline water provides protection against toxic effects of elements like mercury
  • pH water helps in better absorption of minerals into the body
  • Components of alkaline water neutralizes acid components in blood stream, thus nutrients are metabolized more effectively
  • As alkaline water helps in detoxification and metabolism of nutrients, it aids weight loss and helps fight obesity
  • Alkaline water reduces bone loss

Artesia Springs is the best locally owned company for bottled water, alkaline water and more in San Antonio. Our aim is to make individuals redefine and rethink their water choices and help them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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