We have been using Artesia springs for many years now and truly happy with the customer service and quality of water. I would highly recommend them.

Submitted by: Sonal Jain
Date of Written:2013-05-13 13:18:15


Thank you for your prompt response and ability to meet our needs. That’s what it’s all about, great service, attitude and price. Procurement folks always look for those attributes in suppliers. Pat Rincon

Submitted by: Lewis Energy
Date of Written:2012-07-19 13:55:11


I was not just impressed with the water. The customer service is excellent. They felt as if they were part of my family. Their dedication and professionalism from staff showed in their work and water. Anything else would be second best.

Submitted by: Gustavo
Date of Written:2011-12-13 09:48:44


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