Essential Hand Sanitizer

Artesia Springs Essential hand sanitizer in an unscented, alcohol-based formula that is available in two convenient sizes, 7oz and 16.9 oz bottles. While some hand sanitizers can dry out the skin, our product contains a small amount of glycerin to help reduce that tendency. Essential is an ideal product to carry with you and use when soap and water are not conveniently available.

Safety Note: Alcohol solutions are flammable. Exercise caution and keep away from open flames or other sources of ignition.


  • Topical Solution of 80% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Water Thin Formula
  • Formulated in Accordance with FDA Recommendations
  • Manufactured and Packaged in an FDA Registered Facility
  • Fast Acting Antiseptic
  • Unscented made with Isopropyl FDA  alcohol-based formulas

CDC Guidelines States that Hand Hygiene is the #1 way to prevent the spread of infections

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